Nicole truly changed my life. I had been suffering for years from chronic abdominal pain and digestive issues. I saw gastroenterologists and tried multiple diets, meds, etc with either temporary or no improvement. I came to Nicole when I was a very low point in my physical health, causing me to have anxiety which only worsened my condition. Through Nicole’s thorough exam/interview, acupuncture, and treatment plan that combined dietary changes and supplements, my stomach was able to heal slowly but surely. Nicole and I communicated via email/text between sessions to check in on my progress and tweak our plan as needed. I learned from Nicole that the gut takes TIME to heal, about 3 months for me to start to see improvement. However, we worked together, gave it the time it needed and I am 100% better. I am now able to tolerate the majority of foods I never thought I could eat again, and I am able to self treat the start of a flare with the knowledge I now have from Nicole. I feel so thankful to have met Nicole and would recommend her to everyone. Thank you so much Nicole, you are amazing!

MC, Boston, MA


PCOS & Fibromyalgia: PCOS Brookline Acupuncture

Nicole Brown is my absolute favorite acupuncturist in the Boston area. Nicole’s approach to acupuncture is a beautiful blend of traditional knowledge, modern findings, and compassion. She is knowledgeable, friendly, and highly skilled. She really cares about my well-being and always replies to emails quickly. It is so clear that she spends a lot of time outside of work researching holistic health so that she can provide her patients with the best care.

When I started receiving acupuncture from Nicole in November 2015, I had suffered from a difficult chronic illness for 7+ years. I had chronic pain, chronic fatigue, depression, got sick frequently, and experienced some PCOS-type issues. I was frustrated because it really felt like my body was holding me back.

Over the past fourteen months, Nicole has helped me regain my health in all areas. She has given me important nutrition and supplement recommendations specifically for the problems that I experience. She tailors her acupuncture treatment protocol to my body’s exact needs that day and she remembers how my body responds to various acupuncture points.

I truly believe that Nicole’s acupuncture has played a monumental role in my recovery from my chronic illness. I barely have any pain, my fatigue is manageable, I am no longer depressed, my immune system is getting stronger, and I am healing from my PCOS-like issues. I know that with Nicole’s help, I will continue to heal! I am so thankful I found her!

– MJ, Brighton, MA

Acupuncture for Fertility and PCOS

It was the morning of my 33rd birthday. I was sitting in my office trying to find out every single word ever written online about infertility. I was frantically searching for any tip, any secret that could help me conceive. My husband and I had been through two IUIs and 2 IVFs in the past 6 years. Having been diagnosed with PCOs, I had also tried Metformin and Clomid with no results. By this time, my desperation had reached a state where just seeing a pregnant woman on the street would make me cry. So, that day while searching online, I came across Nicole Brown’s website. I read that she specialized in infertility and PCOs. I called her and told her straight “I want a baby NOW!!” half crying. She comforted me and booked an appointment for the next day.

I went to her clinic the next day. She gave me a full one hour. She asked questions pertaining to my medical history, family history, my diet, my level of physical activity, my bowel habits and what not. She looked at my tongue, checked my pulse and examined the rest of me. Just talking to her was so soothing. Maybe it was her very calm personality that created a sense of peace and serenity. Well, she diagnosed me with some Eastern medicine terms which I can’t recall. She realized that I had a very unhealthy lifestyle until then. I would hardly exercise and ate whatever I liked. She told me I needed to start exercising, avoid simple sugars and gluten. Telling me to avoid sweets was like telling me to avoid air and water. Nevertheless, I promised her I would do it. I completely stopped all simple sugars and gluten. Believe me, this was not easy. But, my desire to be a mother was so strong, that I did it. I lost a good amount of weight, which was a plus because of my history of PCOs. Along with lifestyle changes, Nicole gave me some herbs to drink as tea and started weekly acupunctures on me. Every week I would go to her, she would ask a bunch of relevant questions and according to my answers, she would determine where to put the needles on my body. I hardly ever felt the needles go in me. In fact, I usually fell asleep during my acupuncture sessions. She also told me to chart my basal body temperature every morning.

Early July, about 3 months in to treatment, I noticed that my temperature charting looked promising. With bated breath, I did an OTC pregnancy test. After having seen negative result each time for the past 6 years, I was almost sure to see another negative result. My heart stopped beating when I saw two lines on the test window. The test was positive! I was pregnant! I got out of the bathroom to tell my husband, but could hardly say anything through my tears. Nine months later, we were blessed with a healthy baby boy, who is now 8 months old. He is the joy of our lives and a constant source of happiness and love.

I can never thank Nicole enough for what she has done for us. God has blessed her with the power to heal. I wish her and her wonderful staff all the best in life.

– HM, Needham, MA

Knee Pain and Osteopenia:

I’ve been a runner for over 20 years, and lead a highly active life. As a personal trainer, I need my body to be in good condition in order to do my job. Over the last few years, I’ve experienced a lot of wear and tear in my heels and knees. I was told by my doctor that I have osteopenia and was at risk for osteoporosis—she believed this was contributing to my knee pain too and suggested that I stop running and look for other kinds of exercise instead. No runner wants to hear that—it is more than just exercise for me…. it is part of my life at this point and makes me happy. While I have toned down the running somewhat and added the elliptical in my routine, Nicole’s treatments allow me to keep the running in my life. In addition, she has recommended supplements and dietary changes that keep my bone density in good range, in order to prevent osteoporosis. My doctor’s suggestion was to go on medication, which I am against doing because of the side-effects. Also, I prefer a more natural approach when possible. I see Nicole once a week, and continue running 3-4 times a week. I notice a big difference in how my knees feel since starting acupuncture.

-MY, Brookline, MA

Pain & Insomnia:

Nicole has been treating me for muscular-skeletal pain, anxiety and insomnia for two years now. Yes, Acupuncture works! Her approaches in listening to my issues and explaining how the treatments work are second to none. She’s also extremely knowledgeable when it comes to supplements and dietary needs as they pertain to my conditions.

– MT, Cambridge, MA


Acute Neck & Shoulder Pain

When you realized you suddenly can’t turn nor tilt your head left, you speed text your good friend who’s a superb acupuncturist Nicole Brownand she fits you in the next day 👌🏻
She beats you up with some cupping therapy and use you like a pin cushion 🤭
Result is remarkable, I can turn and tilt my head left again!! 🙋🏻‍♀️

Pain relief with no meds, that’s how I like it!!! Go see her at Inner Sage Boston Acupuncture!!

Thanks Nic!! 👏🏻

– TG, Natick, MA



Thanks a lot Nicole, I loved yesterday’s treatment – that was the best treatment I’ve ever received. It lowered my pulse tremendously.


My mood is definitely lifted since starting acupuncture and the stress hasn’t disappeared, but the way that I’m able to deal with it has improved.

-DR, Needham, MA.


High Blood Pressure and Stress:

I came to Nicole because I had high blood pressure and was feeling stressed. After only two sessions, I feel a lot more relaxed and my blood pressure is much lower. I recommend Nicole to everyone because she is very thorough in evaluating the person and designing the right treatment that helps.


Knee Injury, Back Pain and Sciatica, Stress:

Hi Nicole,

I just wanted to tell you how wonderful I am feeling today.  I feel like I did before my knee injury.  I slept better last night, I am walking better, and even though there is some tingling of the sciatica, it isn’t too bad.  I feel ten years younger! I am feeling good and the physical part of feeling good really influences the mental part of feeling good.

Thank you
-SS, Jamaica Plain, MA

Chronic Back Pain:

Nicole has a very soft touch! She is extremely conscientious, asks a lot of questions, and is very accessible. My chronic back problems have dramatically improved with her treatment.

-EM, Brookline, MA


Herniated Disc:

Nicole is absolutely fantastic! I saw her for a severely herniated L4-L5 lumbar disc. I had intense pain for over a year and after months of physiotherapy, anti-inflammatory pills and a couple of consultations with a spine specialist, I was convinced that surgery was the only option for me. I was unable to walk and could not stand for even a few minutes without pain when I called Nicole for a consultation. She fit me in within the week for an emergency appointment. I started seeing results after just 1-2 sessions and after seeing Nicole for about 2 months I was completely pain free and able to resume my normal life.

The needles do not hurt at all – you only get a small pinching sensation when they are inserted. Every person reacts differently to the treatment and it is important that you provide good feedback to your therapist so that your treatment can be customized accordingly. There were times when just one additional needle made my body respond more intensely. Nicole is very attentive and listens carefully to how you feel after each treatment. My sessions with her have also helped me de-stress overall – I would inevitably fall asleep once the needles were inserted and those remain some of my deepest and most relaxed naps!

To those considering acupuncture for disc problems – I found that a combination of acupuncture and chiropractic treatment really worked wonders for me. Acupuncture kept the inflammation in check and chiropractic treatment helped maintain a correct alignment of the spine. I also took some natural homeopathic anti-inflammatory medicine. Eventually I didn’t need surgery!

– KV, Brookline, MA


General Comments:

Not only have my main symptoms improved, but other parts of my life, physically and emotionally have improved too.


Nicole is a fantastic acupuncturist and really focuses on the connection between body, mind, and spirit. She is right on with her analysis of my symptoms. After leaving today, I felt so calm and relaxed and it continues to linger


I can’t say enough about Nicole’s knowledge, professionalism and kindness. I have had the privilege of knowing a great number of holistic practitioners throughout my life and can honestly say I am lucky to have met Nicole. She is very talented, knows her stuff well and has a curious mind which I very much appreciate. I think she’s one of those people who never stops learning – something you want in your holistic healthcare provider. She is compassionate, smart, and very VERY good at what she does.

– LG 


I generally feel better even before the treatment is over.

-SM, Watertown, MA.


I have heard great things about acupuncture before, but experiencing it myself was remarkable!

Thanks again.

-KO, Brookline, MA.


I can not say enough about Nicole.  I was immediately comfortable with her and found her to be very soothing, personable, and passionate about her chosen field.

I was seeing her for a health related concern and started to see results within the first few weeks.  After several months, the symptoms of a condition I had been struggling with for years have lessened almost completely.  I’m positive that in other ways my health has greatly improved due to my sessions with her.  She incorporates both Japanese and Chinese acupuncture into her sessions, so you get the benefits of her broad knowledge base in the best of both worlds.

Nicole is also extremely knowledgeable about herbal medications and which lifestyle/dietary changes are necessary to meet each person’s specific health goals.  She is extremely easy to talk with and works together with you to meet your personal health goals.

She is very professional and you can tell she truly cares about your health and well-being, a true healer. Her office creates a wonderful soothing environment and couldn’t be easier to get to as it’s right in Coolidge Corner.

I believe she has an extended list of conditions/health concerns that she treats and I’ve heard she is also very skilled at reproductive health. I would HIGHLY recommend her to anyone interested in trying acupuncture or anyone who is looking for a new practitioner.

-DN, Brookline, MA.


I’ll admit it – I don’t like needles.  Like I’ve been known, at doctor appointments, to rip the needle out of my arm and throw it on the floor (ok, that only happened once) or clench my wife’s hand so hard she loses feeling (ok, that’s happened more than once).  So, as you can imagine, acupuncture is not something I was thrilled about doing.  But, I knew much it had helped me growing up and made the decision to try and get past the phobia.

I went to Nicole and, after my first session, it was clear I had found the person to help.  To start with, her intake is incredibly thorough and comprehensive.  She spent  a significant amount of time trying to get at why, exactly, I was there and what I was hoping to get out of it.  I really felt like she was listening to me and no question or thought was too silly or off-base to discuss.  The breadth and depth of her knowledge is insane and the things she surmised from my answers, my pulse and whatever else were right on target.

Then the session started and, to my amazement, the needles didn’t hurt at all.  Either I’ve gotten tougher (unlikely) or she is such a pro that she knows exactly what she is doing.  As she put them in, she explained the different points and what she was trying to do.  I had hopes the acupuncture would help with pain and immune system which it has.  What I don’t think I was prepared for was the depth to which the session would help me relax.  We’re all so busy, and the opportunity to take some time just focusing on my breathing and personal wellness is such a gift.

Ok, I’ve gone on long enough.  Let me just say that, based on the couple of sessions I’ve now had, Nicole is going to be seeing me regularly for quite some time.  I can not recommend her highly enough and I’m so grateful to her for making such a difference in helping me achieve my health and wellness goals.

– BW, Boston, MA

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